What We Do.

We compare your product prices with ours and give you a game changing quotation.

What We Do Best.

We engineered a process that detects gaps in your products.

Product Evaluation

We evaluate your products costs, quality & features. We can also evaluate newly designed products for manufacturing.

Product Research

After product evaluation we start with product research. In our research we look at trend data, pricing, innovation, features & much more.

Product Manufacturing (Standard/Custom)

After product research has been done we send a quotation for the supply of existing products we manufacture or we quote for custom product design if needed & manufacturing costs thereof.

Quality Control & Insurance

We ensure quality control of all our manufactured products. Most of our products include certification. We also offer insurance for products shipping etc.

Supply Chain Management

We manage the whole process from the product evaluation to the delivery at your companies doorstep.

Business Insights

With our experience in multiple industries we are able to provide our clients with in-depth insights into products and future development.

Let's Work Together.

Our team would love to get to know you and your company, we believe in through helping others we can make a difference!

Need More Proof?

Our business is based 100% on other businesses! Customer satisfaction is our #1

Product Research


The product research we received is already more worth than the price we paid for all the other services as well!
#NoBrainer #BlackholeIndustries

James Samuel Hodgens


Custom Manufacturing


Our company has been looking for a solution to simplify the product manufacturing process for 3 years! We started using Blackhole Industries this year and we can’t believe the results. We are doing 2x less work and our profits have increased by 213.5%!
We are so grateful there is finally a solution to this problem!

Michael Pearson




The whole process Blackhole Industries provides is amazing, but what makes them special is that after they give you a to the dot analysis of your product, they give you a quote that is just unheard of in the industry. We calculated our savings and it is estimated at around 3000usd a month!
It’s an honor doing business with them.

James Samuel Hodgens


Giving you the edge, Worldwide.

We work with companies worldwide to improve product knowledge, simplify the process & of course increase profit margins!